Saturday, March 13, 2010

Texas jury jails man 35 years for marijuana possession | Raw Story

Texas jury jails man 35 years for marijuana possession | Raw Story: "For being caught with just over a quarter pound of pot, 54-year-old Henry Walter Wooten will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars, thanks to a jury in Tyler, Texas.

His prosecutor, Smith County Assistant District Attorney Richard Vance, originally sought a sentence of 99 years over the 4.6 ounces of marijuana police found in Wooten's vehicle, according to published reports.

Wooten was reportedly caught smoking pot within 1,000 feet of a day care center, within the radius of a so-called 'drug free zone.'"

The lie we are always told is that the war on drugs is about hard drugs like crack, heroin, and crystal meth and that no one goes to prison for simple marijuana possession. I know that isn't true. Hell, I've sent people to prison for marijuana possession (regretfully). And in Texas you can get 35 years for it. We should be outraged. Not only is this draconian, but in order to make room for this guy, violent offenders will be released early. People should be in the streets protesting.


  1. William - your right. It is the lie we are always told - nobody goes to jail for marijuana.

    This is such a sad story and we should be angry about it.

    Nobody has ever overdosed and died from a joint - this is a scandal.

  2. This is an outrage. "Day care center," to me, speaks of birth through age 8, or thereabouts. Kids that young have absolutely no clue (and should not be taught) about drugs, they are far too young and are not cognitively ready for such heavy and adult topics.

    You are right William in pointing out this lie. There's a youngish guy (Kevin Sabet I think is his name), I think Obama hired him for something, and he's been on numerous TV shows spreading that lie. My reply to him is, the next time he doesn't park between the lines, or his tail lights go out before he notices, etc… instead of writing him a traffic offense, write him a marijuana offense!

    These evil laws are based on such false assumptions. As though being near marijuana harmed your soul. As we all know it's prohibition itself that puts drugs in the hands of teens and thus in the hands of other kids. Such shame awaits these Pharisees.

    You'd think that people as educated as that lawyer would be able to do the simple math for what it costs to send him to prison (100% burden to society) vs. not being evil to him: letting him live his life, work, pay taxes, etc…

    AND they have the audacity to make their false prophecies about "productivity" and such. Simple question, how productive is he to society sitting in prison?!


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