Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's time to decriminalise drug use, say peers - Telegraph

Has anyone else seen this? Looks like it is fairly big news.
Sure they aren't calling for complete legalization and regulation, but it is certainly a major improvement!

It's time to decriminalise drug use, say peers - Telegraph: "Leading peers – including prominent Tories – say that despite governments worldwide drawing up tough laws against dealers and users over the past 50 years, illegal drugs have become far more easily accessible. Vast amounts of money have been wasted on unsuccessful crackdowns, while criminals have made fortunes importing drugs into this country, they argue."


  1. My Copy's headline says 'War on drugs has failed, say former heads of MI5, CPS and BBC'

    That's right folks: MI5 (James Bonds was in MI6. MI5 deal with internal secuirty)
    That's right folks: CPS (Crown Prosecution Service; they are Her Majesty's own prosecuting lawyers)

    Nigel Lawson by the way, was Margaret Thatcher's financial whizz-kid during the the 1980's, so never let it be said you have to be a liberal/left-winger to join the Drug Policy Reform Movement.

  2. Also check out this very recent debate from the House of Lords about commissioning a broad review of drugs policy:

    Have a read and you'll be amazed that this is taking place in a parliament.


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