Thursday, May 26, 2011

A fearful populace

Yesterday, a major gun-battle between rival drug gangs, leaving 28 dead, 17 of whom were wearing military uniforms, again illustrates the lack of control of Mexico’s security forces in many regions of the country (“Balacera deja 28 muertos en Nayarit” 26 de mayo de 2011 Not coincidently, there was also another story reporting on the displacement of citizens fleeing gunbattles around their home (Violencia desplaza a 2,500 michoacanos: Ejército refuerza vigilancia e inhibe ataques armados, según alcalde, such reports are starting to sound more and more like they came from war-torn countries like Afghanistan, Somalia and Sierra Leon, but without the international concern or rhetoric. An even more interesting fact from this same article is that local governments are building, and utilizing, shelters to which the populous can flee (not unlike hurricane shelters or, more aptly, bomb shelters), a recognition that the authorities are otherwise helpless to protect citizens against these constant assaults, almost like a force of nature. And, because of this, Michoácan and Coahuila, like Torreón last year (“Edil de Torreón llama a encerrarse ante inseguridad: Tres facultades de la Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila decidieron suspender clases y desalojar a los alumnos ante el clima de inseguridad”, have suspended classes because of the rising violence and concern for the students’ safety (“Violencia despierta pánico en Saltillo: Mueren siete en enfrentamientos, entre ellos un civil; suspenden clases en todos los niveles” 

Tell me again, Mr. President, why are you engaged in this domestic war?

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings
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  1. So sad. No doubt a foreshadowing of what we'll face if we don't end prohibition.

    I have no doubt there are many in Mexico, just like in the U.S., thinking "out of sight out of mind," if I can just turn the channel to something "positive' and forget about all this bad news, I don't want to hear about that. Let me live in my day-dream world of white picket fences where everyone can afford to gas up their SUVs, and everyone can afford the greedy rates which the telcos, cable, and satellite companies charge for minuscule amounts of bandwidth.

    But as I've seen on clips of Mexican TV, even those in the rich enclaves can't shut out the violence, kidnappings, and bastardized news.

    There's a saying that people who think they're doing God's work should be familiar with, it's called you reap what you sew. And I gotta say that the Drug Warriors, prohibitionists, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Kerlikowski, Leonhart, Sabbet, Drug Free America, Drug Free World, etc… have advocated and planted a lot of violence. Who else should I name? Grassley … Jerry Brown …

  2. The correct spelling is "populace".
    The WOD is step one in annulling the Constitution.


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