Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Full Election Results for All Measures

What an incredible night! Nine victories for drug law reform all across the country! In case you missed it, here is a summary of results and links to the pages where they can be found for all marijuana measures appearing on the ballot last night. 

Colorado Amendment 64: Marijuana legalization - Passed!

Washington I-502: Marijuana legalization - Passed!

Oregon Measure 80: Marijuana legalization – Failed.

Massachusetts Question 3: Medical marijuana - Passed!

Arkansas Issue 5: Medical marijuana – Failed.

Detroit, MI Proposal M: Decriminalization of adult marijuana possession - Passed!

Flint, MI City Code Amendment: Decriminalization of adult marijuana possession - Passed!

Ypsilanti, MI: Marijuana to be police’s lowest priority - Passed!

Grand Rapids, MI Proposal 2: Decriminalization of adult marijuana possession - Passed!

Kalamazoo, MI: Three medical marijuana dispensaries permitted in city - Passed!

Burlington, VT: Recommendation that marijuana should be legalized - Passed!

Montana: Referendum restricting medical marijuana likely to pass.

Journalists wishing to arrange interviews with LEAP speakers should contact Tom Angell at or Darby Beck at 

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