Tuesday, March 5, 2013

"Nullify State Laws" - Ex-DEA heads

8 former heads of the DEA want the Obama adminstration to "nullify" the laws legalizing marijuana in Colorado and Washington, according to published reports.

This is the opposite of how nullification has traditionally been used.
For example, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson, in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, proposed state nullification of the federal Alien and Sedition Acts on the grounds that the laws violated the Constitution. Nullification was also later attempted against the Fugative Slave Act of 1850.

I realize that not all members of LEAP will be comfortable with jumping on the State's rights bandwagon and also that some of our international members might not appreciate just how strongly some of us feel about the importance of having a limited Federal government. But, for the purposes of fighting the war on drugs, would it not make sense to make alliances with groups such as the Tenth Amendment Center?

Although, if at some future point the Federal government adopted a policy of regulation and legalization, would we be satisfied to allow some states to still enforce prohibition? Do we need one national (or international) drug policy or should States be free to experiment?


  1. If we're following the same (or a similar) model as we did with repealing alcohol Prohibition, then we're going to have to leave some policies up to the states (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcohol_laws_of_the_United_States and other articles pertaining to liquor laws).

    That doesn't bother me so much as I recognize that states may want to enforce certain laws their own way. When it comes to general law, though, there should be an overarching legalization and regulation of some kind.

  2. I used to be a gung-ho democrat, believing states should be eliminated and have just one voice for all people.

    The situation with the drug war is just one of COUNTLESS examples where the federal government just hasn't got a clue, and states need power to do things differently and try new approaches.

    Yes, many things need to exist at a federal level, and some of those are going to continue to cause friction between the right and the left, but pretty much any time a moral choice is involved, the local governments should have the final say. If nobody's rights are being violated, too bad if you don't like how others live their lives.

  3. 8 FORMER DEA Heads and 4 FORMER ONDCP Officials... anyone surprised??? Hey, they have First Amendment rights like the rest of us, but so what. So, FOX NEWS publishes a "blazing story-line of these has-beens and their DISTRESS along with a photo of two adults allegedly smoking pot in Seattle, WA. Peter Bensinger, EX-DEA under Ford and Carter appears to take the lead... the same bozo that more than likely had a hissie fit when Pres. Carter legalized homemade beer, wine and cannabis in the 70's. It was legal for about a day.

    Why do 8 chiefs out of millions mean anything, especially something of national significance? There are plenty more current "chiefs" and former in favor of ending cannabis prohibition. Why? Because this whole prohibition experiment is driving people to drink.

    I'll make a guess that the feds will take a more aggressive approach to cannabis legalization than North Korea's claim they will nuke the US, if they have the mentality of these 8 idiots. While Rome burned what did Nero do, just let's hope President Obama and the current Congress will more realistic and grounded in science.

  4. I don't see how the Federal Government gets states to enforce a repealed state law. What crime can officers charge? Unless the Federales nationalize local police forces.

  5. There was a time in our nations history when there was very little Federal criminal law. 1900 was a good year. Federal regulation of professions - like medicine - was unheard of. If we stick to the Constitution we may get divergent laws among the states. That is better than allowing some Republican or Democrat to dictate how we should live.

  6. I am a former LEO,drug interdiction k9 and undercover narcotics agent.I have never ever thought of using any drug,nor have I.Here is the problem I am in.I was injured in numerous auto mobile accidents,including being hit by a vehicle as well.I have had to endure 6 major back operations with fusions and plates to hold my spine from level.My entire lumbar and from T 12 to T7 have been fused together.I am looking at another surgery on my cervical spine(neck) from c3 to c6.I have also had 2 TBI ,on my skull to remove broken skull fragments and to replace with a large size pancake plate.I have had a total of 14 operation and I am only 44.I have a 7 and 9 year old boys.Since being disabled I have done search/rescue-search/recovery with my K9 kilo,trying to still keep a place in this world where I am committed to service of other in need.I worked on the pile at wtc for over 5 months,2 months in NO during Katrina,and approx 15 other hurricanes,and 9 months in Haiti after earthquake.I have also been involved in well over 100 searches for missing children,elderly.
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    1. Joseph I'm one of the LEAP speakers, a chronic pain patient, and patient advocate. I've had to fight for pain releaf for 20 years, and might be able to help. I raised hell in 1997 until Arizona issued it's firsguidelines for the treatment of chronic pain, it helped.

      I have neuropathy in my legs and feet. It's like someone flipping a switch with 110 volts in your foot all day, very painful. Marijuana is the only thing that works for that shooting electrical pain.

      Contact me if I can help....



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