Tuesday, May 22, 2012

New Poll: 56% of U.S. Voters Support Legalizing Marijuana

A new poll from Rasmussen shows that marijuana legalization continues to be a mainstream, majority position among U.S. voters.  The poll finds that 56% of voters support legalization, with just 36% opposed.
LEAP's Neill Franklin, a retired Baltimore narcotics cop, had this reaction:

    "Polling now consistently shows that more voters support legalizing and regulating marijuana than support continuing a failed prohibition approach. Yet far too many politicians continue to act as if marijuana policy reform is some dangerous third rail they dare not touch. If the trends in public opinion continue in the direction they are going, the day is not far away when supporting a prohibition system that causes so much crime, violence and corruption is going to be seen as a serious political liability for those seeking support from younger and independent voters. Savvy forward-looking politicians are already beginning to see which way the wind is blowing."
Previously, Gallup found legalization leading 50%-46%.
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