Tuesday, September 29, 2009

LEAP Video

For all the new people who have joined our blog over the last six weeks, I would like to share this thirteen minute video introduction to LEAP. This is a powerful video. Watching it helped convince me to join the Speakers Bureau. Please take a moment today and forward this link to a friend, family member or co-worker who doesn't know about LEAP yet.


  1. That is a compelling video. The pain these former officers feel for the injustices they committed prior to their awakening is palpable. It would be easier for them just to try to put it behind them, but being upright people truly concerned with justice, they choose to try to bring an end to the madness. It's very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Dave... btw I will give a call about the reading group in the next couple of days.. I've been working a lot the last couple of weeks but after tonight I have a week off, so I can finally catch up on some things.


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