Saturday, November 28, 2009

Does Mexico's President Calderon Want to Legalize Drugs?

Check out this snippet from a report from the Latin American Herald Tribune:
About the possible legalization of drug use, the president said that such an approach was not feasible “without (global) agreement on public policies.”

He said the objective is to “end the economic power of the black market for drugs,” but that cannot be done as long as drugs remain illegal in some countries and not in others.
Is he hinting that he wants the U.S. and other countries to legalize drugs?


  1. If he is hinting, he is only suggesting what several former Latin American leaders are saying outright... prohibition is destructive and counterproductive. Do any of Canada's former Prime Ministers have what it takes to do the same?

  2. That is a great point Dave. Can you imagine if Chretien began musing about legalizing & regulating marijuana?


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