Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Family executed in Sinaloa

In the municipality of Cosalá 6 family members were executed while in Culiacán 3 other people were killed 2 of the bodies were discovered in an SUV and another body of a woman was discovered in the San Lorenzo canal, riddled with bullets.

Ex-police officer, Jesús Sosa Ahumada, died yesterday from his wounds sustained by an attack last Sunday. He was a former police officer for the municipality of Guasave. In Matamoros, Tamaulipas, 2 persons are reported killed as were 2 others in Sayula, Jalisco while Morelos, Coahuila, Durango and Sonora each reported one killing.

Meanwhile, the slaughter in Juárez refuses to let up with another 9 killings added to the list. This includes a police officer who was gunned down by at least 10 shots when he stopped a speeding car to issue a ticket. Another Chihuahua state police officer was also murdered, homicide detective, David Servando González Varela, was shot on his way to work. Apparently, the poor quality of the equipment issued to the police did not help, as his gun failed to fire when he tried to defend himself (as a former police officer, I can assure you that that is a very frightening scenario). The local newspaper, El Diario, notes that 38 police officers have been killed this year in Juárez as of today while 67 police officers were killed in the entire year of 2010.
With the 25 added yesterday, the total for 2010 now stands at 4340 (5340) with an average of 30 (37) per day.

For a map of the killings: click:


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