Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Arms in Mexico

It is easy to be critical at President Calderón’s misguided, heavy-handed and ill-planned war that he has launched against the deeply entrenched cartels, but there have been results (aside from the slaughter of over 29,000 people since Dec 2006). The Mexican government released figures on the number of weapons seized in the last 10 years, over 79,000, with nearly 71,000 of those being seized since Calderón came to power 4 years ago. Of the 79,000 weapons, 23,000 are assault rifles and other large caliber weapons while almost 48,000 are handguns (the astute reader will notice that these two numbers do not add up to 79,000, this is due to the fact that there are other weapons seized such as anti-personnel mines, hand-grenades and rocket launchers). The weapons of choice is the ubiquitous AK-47 (known in Mexico as cuernos de chivo or “goat horns”) and its American cousin the AR-15 although the nacros have a fondness for the .50 Barret and RPGs as well as the FN57 or matapolicías (police killers) which, when used with Teflon bullets can pierce body armor. The bosses are so fond of their weapons that they have them coated in gold plating.
So we can see that there is some good of this effort, that some weapons are being removed (90% of which are determined to be from the United States).
For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings
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  1. WOW.
    The myth of the "Teflon bullet" still gets pushed...I expected more from a site that claims to be law-enforcement based. But I guess Law enforcement also watched "lethal weapon 2". Or perhaps the author was not part of law enforcement.

    The correct term would be armor piercing ammo....And it is not made of teflon.

    The "90% coming from the US" statistic is also Bunk. 90% of guns that were sent back to the ATF to get traced, were from the US...But that was only a much smaller percentage of the whole group (10% to 20% I believe). since you can't even buy machine guns or rocket launchers at gun shops in the US, it was obvious those guns did not come from the US, so those guns were not sent to the ATF to get traced....statistical trickery at it's best.

    For a site that claims to speak the truth, I am disappointed that this was posted here as is.

  2. dogon1013,

    I was also under the impression of the gun situation. From what I have seen most are automatic weapons, which we, as Us Citizens, can hardly afford. It costs, from what I hear, at least $10,000 to be able to own one! The reports I read, on it, said that most of the weapons, of that sort, came from other central and south American countries.

    This part of the report, Mr McKay gives, is one that has suffered from the propaganda that has been used (even, by our own secretary of state!) to try to increase the restrictive gun laws, and take the second amendment away from us!


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