Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Awaiting Neill's visit to Hawaii

Aloha to all in LEAP Blog land...

Just a quick hello, trying to get back into the habit of updating this.

We are looking forward to Neill Franklin's upcoming visit to Hawaii the week of January 29...most of his time will be (well) spent on Oahu...he's got a debate at the UH Richardson Law School, visiting classes at UH Manoa, Chaminade and Hawaii Pacific Universities, taping two segments for "Hawaii InJustice" all in place, with other events still taking form.

And, we on the Big Island will be fortunate to have Neill with us all day on Friday February 3rd in Hilo. He'll be meeting with one of the more conservative County Council members, doing a lunch presentation for the Rotary Club of Hilo (a conservative group for sure), and he will finish the day in front of a no doubt more supportive crowd at the East Hawaii Cultural Council on Kalakaua Street in downtown.

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  1. Please support this important question, that Obama will have to answer on January 30th 2012, if you tell enough people about it:

    "Why do you ignore the historical fact and obvious reality, that the prohibition of psychotropic substances for adults is a discriminating and fascistoid tool, supplying billions to the Mafia monopoly and preventing control of access, age and quality?"


    Search for "fascistoid" to find it.


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