Friday, August 6, 2010

Five Ways the Drug War Hurts Kids: A Conversation with Neill Franklin of...


  1. I am impressed with the eloquent way the Mr Franklin presents our case! Now, if we can just get the people to see the logic.

  2. A comprehensive study released April 27th, 2010 by the International Centre for Science in Drug Policy (ICSDP) entitled 'Effect of Drug Law Enforcement on Drug-Related Violence: Evidence from a Scientific Review' exposes an extensive correlation between drug law enforcement efforts and increased drug-related crime, homicide and gun violence. The Executive Summary ( found at & ) demonstrates commonalities between violence and the illicit drug trade in relation to the impacts drug law enforcement has, as intervention, on drug market violence.

  3. Neill Franklin is excellent, a very good choice for executive director.

  4. Here's a concrete example of how prohibition hurts kids (and their families): Ten-year-olds are hooked on heroin - priest. (See this page for another example and editorializing.)

    Here's another example from Wisconsin (PBS video) which includes the line "Heroin use is up nearly 400 percent in the last five years in Wisconsin."

    Like y'all, the only way I can think of to counter this is through ending the insane black market profits; aka legalization. I think we should also consider doing what some municipalities do with guns, have an amnesty buy-back where we invite dealers (um, "people") to bring in their heroin (and other) stocks, and we pay them a strategic price; however, I do not suggest anyone in Lake Havasu set the price. ;-)


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