Thursday, February 17, 2011

Police campaign hard against marijuana decrim in Hawaii

I received this update yesterday from a friend in Hawaii:

The police are getting busy setting up anti-pot rallies or handing out pamphlets on Maui and Kauai:

The attached file is what they are passing out on Kauai, and as they have the logos of all police departments, we're sure to see them here soon too.

Here is the pamphlet. You may have to click on the images to make them big enough to read:


  1. "Science should determine what a medicine is, not popular vote."

    The immense irony I get from that cannot be put into words.

  2. Hah, even if you ignore the fraudulent information contained within, this pamphlet is just sad and pathetic. The graphical presentation is comparable to a poorly xeroxed 1970's alt-weekly paper. Low res pictures, random and arbitrary stylistic changes, and no cohesive design at all. These are the tinfoil hat wearers of drug war advocacy.

    If the cops are as desperate as they seem, they should think about hiring a college graduate to put out a halfway decent pamphlet and maybe start up a facebook page. Luckily they seem happy to throw themselves right on the trash heap of history, with no outside assistance required.

  3. Aloha...yes, the police seem to be getting desperate.

    Testimony was overwhelmingly in support of the decriminalization and bills to improve the medical cannabis program during the first found of hearings in the Senate...and with the new Governor, Abercrombie, likely to sing them into law, they are mounting this campaign...

  4. Are agencies in the US conducting an all-out assault on truth? This brochure boldly states "Know the facts", then fills the rest of the brochure space with disinformation, exaggeration, and the same old fear & smear tactics that they always do. The sad part is that there will be people who receive this handout and believe it to be truthful simply because it comes from an official public institution.

    In poll after poll, Americans say they don't trust government, yet they jump into line every time the government speaks. Life is too short to follow the dictates of liars and fools. It's a plant and is a product of nature. The government has no right criminalizing this, no matter what they say.

  5. "We dont make the law We just follow it", Really then why are the police trying to make law in Hawaii? How come police feel they are medically trained to tell anyone what medicine will work for them? Or what medicine is medicine?

    This whole thing reminds me of the 1937 posters that showed the devil hovering over a girl holding joint, look how far we have come. The prohibitionists never change they use the same old lies just pounding them into the publics face until they can scare the right amount of parents and grandparents into anything they say will keep their kids safe, in this case to stop the expanding of medical laws.

    Im so sick of hearing how science is on the prohibitionists side, when di that happen anyhow, everything I read proves marijuana shouldnt be legal. The AMA says it is medicine and shouldnt be criminal. Every government report shows that making is illegal causes more harm than the drugs themselves, yet they just ignore all that?

    Im sorry but this crap ahs to stop we dont question anyone when they say they are sick but if you say marijuana is your medicine for your sickness then we all lie and are druggies. Why they cant just see the truth and history of our medicines, before 1937 we had so many meds made from cannabis, every house in America had some form of cannabis medicine in it, it was as common as aspirin today. But truth and facts are meaningless when the prohibitionists wont even look at them. They wont face any of the facts not one, thats pure ignorance and so is this failed War on Drugs!

  6. If we are going to decide *truth* by popular vote, let's do a snap poll on e.g. the veracity of virgin birth, the doctrine of the trinity, or whether Obama is black.

    Bertrand Russell said, "The most savage controversies are those about matters as to which there is no good evidence either way."

    ... and a vote is going to change that???

  7. If it wasn't all lies we would have industrialized hemp. Taxable and you can NOT get high. but nope, thats illegal as well. and they mention the toll of alcohol and cigarettes (which kill people) vs. a plant that has NEVER killed ANYONE in history and can be made into paper cloths any textile, you can make BIODEGRADABLE plastic and so much more. but nope, can't do that cuz people might enjoy using the same substance that has been smoked for like all of history to no recorded ill effect.

  8. @ReformKyCannabis: ""We dont make the law We just follow it."

    Yeah, it doesn't take much work at all to expose the fraud behind that claim. Police "officer's advocacy groups" are constantly among the most active advocates in favor of the drug war status quo, at the very least.

    It's also painfully evident in the few cases where individual officers decide to publicly advocate drug law reform. As the author of the above blog post could attest if his job weren't at risk, police departments obsessively quash dissent and freedom of expression from within the ranks.

    If police genuinely only cared about enforcing law, and didn't have any opinion on policy, they wouldn't be pumping major money into political lobbies, and they would let their own individual members speak however they wish on their off time.

  9. If you'd like to know the "real" reason pot is illegal, go to Jump to the "Yellow Journalism" section...William R. Hearst saw it as a threat to his investment in tree land and purchased to supply his (MANY) newspapers with paper. Just like oil politions of today, it's was ALL about money and greed...

  10. Why are the police trying to change public opinion when the public already has one and is trying to exercise it?

  11. Medical Canna-business will grow and flourish, regardless of all the obstacles thrown it way. From the Holistic point of view Cannabis is markedly pro-evolutionary, as it increases appetite, induces rest, suppresses violent urges and enhances sexual experience. Cannabis is not physically addictive, as it lacks the documented "physical withdrawal" syndrome, necessary for a physical dependence determination. The so-called "gateway drug" theory has already been determined to be invalid, and the recent scientific study declared it "half-baked". Drug Marinol is NOT medical marijuana (and it would seem that any reasonable person would understand this), as the whole plant has over 70 active compounds, therapeutically interacting with one another in many intricate and complex ways. It is very important to stress again and again that Cannabis use, as opposed to alcohol use, suppresses violent urges and behaviors, and that any increased anti-Cannabis repression in this country will be accompanied by increase in drinking, hard drug use, and violence, including among young people. Now, to say that Cannabis plant does not have medicinal properties is the same as to say that the earth is flat, and this would simply not be considered a "rational" statement. Would then the fact that Shafer Commission recommended an immediate decriminalization of marijuana back in 1972, or the fact that Judge Francis Young called marijuana "one of the safest therapeutically-active substances known to man" really surprise anyone? I don't think so. To win this struggle, just like with all Civil Rights struggles, we will need to overcome the "consciousness of fear", and repeat the TRUTH about Cannabis again and again, until the necessary "qualitative shift" occurs in our common consciousness, and we will be amazed that the ridiculous Cannabis prohibition really lasted for as long as it did!

  12. This is absolutely diabolical. Since when did cops become politicians?

    I always understood that cops did law enforcement, not prohibition by prolongation. This needs to be sorted. Is there a government body where complaints can be lodged by the public?

  13. I like the phrasing that cannabis is "Pro-Evolutionary"..well put.

    I think the cops are mainly pissed because the free-weed train for them and their own dirty-money drug rings are breaking down.

    The police are the real drug dealers here...except we pay for this to happen.


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