Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Video: Eric Holder Says LEAP is Wrong About Saving Lives

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was recently asked about his thoughts on LEAP's efforts to save police officers' lives by legalizing drugs.  Unfortunately, Mr. Holder seems to think, despite the evidence, that cops aren't unnecessarily losing their lives in the "war on drugs."

Check out this video to see the A.G.'s comments as well as LEAP's reaction:

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  1. Eric is stuck up that river in Egypt with the rest of the majority of the beltway.Time we realized that the politicians are so removed from reality that they forget what the real world is about.There is an article on the net that draws a direct relation to enforcing the drug war to seven police deaths.If the drug war was waged evenly,how many in congress and the senate would be in prison either now or in their past?Our last three presidents for sure.Holder is lying,again.Lying is how the feds have tip toed around this issue since Nixon told his all star panel he was declaring a war on drugs in spite of their objections.A lot of people were already either being rounded up in mass arrests or doing hard time for the mere trace of thc on anything.The first bust I dodged was for 309 charges against 179 people.We were just kids and an easy target for undercover narcs.I guess it's not so much fun now that the bad guys are equally as well armed and every bit as vicious.You can only imagine what it was like waiting for your door to come crashing in every minute of every day.I found the pressure easier to take on heroin.All drugs were treated the same so why not?Cause it's just impossible to quit,is why.


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