Thursday, January 26, 2012

Neill Franklin's visit to Hilo generating interest!

We fondly remember David's Bratzer's visit to the Big Island two years ago, and we are looking forward to Neill's visit to Hilo on Friday February 3rd.

We've been working on his schedule and it is filling in won't be an easy "aloha Friday" for Neill after his busy four days in Honolulu...

He'll start off by meeting Hawaii County Councilman Dennis "Fresh" Onishi. It is a "Furlough Friday" so we really appreciate Councilman Onishi extending his aloha.

Next up, the Rotary Club of Hilo, an organization with many conservative members. The Hawaii County Chief of Police (Harry Kubojiri) recently made a presentation before this group (mostly about the concerns of the local police regarding the state's medical marijuana program), so Neill's presentation will no doubt raise a few eyebrows. Can't wait to gauge the reaction of the attendees once the presentation is over.

Our friends at Global HOPE, Noelie Rodriguez and the students, were able to reserve the Campus Central Plaza at UH Hilo, so Neill will become the second LEAP speaker to wow the students with his message (D Bratz got there first, yo!).

Finally, a very favorable crowd is expected at 4:30pm at the East Hawaii Cultural Council. Neill will most certainly be "preaching to the choir" at this event, which is open to the public. We expect that many victims of the "War on Drugs" from this community will be in attendance, and Neill message of change and reconciliation is going to be a healing one for many.

Local blogs are picking up the story...

And, the Big Island Weekly, which publishes on a Wednesday is looking to do a story which would hit the stands two days before Neill's arrival.

It is going to be a great day!

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  1. Would I rather be in the North East USA in February or Hawaii? Hm, not too hard to figure that out! :-)

    Preaching to the choir isn’t necessarily bad. Sometimes the choir needs to realize they should be singing *outside* of church instead of just inside it. ;-)

    Although singing the TRUTH inside your church, at times, can be very hard, and even get you killed! (Reference to Jesus.)

    In any case I wish Neill the best wishes. The concerns of cannabis are so grossly overblown, IMHO. Panic is the worst reaction; panic causes shock.

    I had my nose split in two, blood everywhere. I am not kidding.

    The “man in charge” where I was when it happened panicked. From that point on I can’t recall what happened. But apparently he drove me a few blocks home like a madman.

    Once home, my dad, whose grandfather was a doctor, didn’t panic. He sponged me off (and I needed A LOT of sponging off as I was a bloody mess), and put a box of tissues in my lap in his ’69 Beetle and we drove off to a hospital. It’s then I can recall what happened. Why? Because he was calm and didn’t let panic or his fear get in the way of reality.


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