Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Infographic Shows Effects of Drug Prohibition Violence in Mexico

The Rehab International blog has an amazing new infographic that demonstrates the horrible amount of violence that has been caused by drug prohibition in Mexico.  Check it out:

Illegal Drug Market Violence in Mexico – Infographic
Via: Rehab International


  1. Currently, drugs are a concern for Domestic Violence cases at approximately 1.9% of all cases says Bureau of Justice Statistics. The violence rate is not high, here at all in comparison to alcohol, which is legal and ranks at a startling 28% percent rate in all cases of Domestic Violence.

    If we were to legalize drugs, how do your projections curtail inner relationship violence?

  2. Question #2: You as officers have spent a lot of time removing the cartel i.e., Mexican Mafia. Why the change of heart? Did your cops get busted too?

  3. Question #3: We will always consider you Pigs no matter what. Point being you are naturally greedy animals and predators by trade.

    Explain the value of condoning a needle in your arm and I will explain value of how it medicates.


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