Thursday, July 31, 2014

Press Release: Brookings Institution Calls Roll Out of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado a Success

July 31, 2014
Contact: Darby Beck: 415.823.5496


The Brookings Institution released a report today evaluating the initial implementation of marijuana legalization in Colorado and pronouncing it a success. The independent think tank praised the regulatory system in place, saying it addresses “key concerns such as diversion, shirking, communication breakdowns, illegal activity, and the financial challenges facing the marijuana industry” and cited good leadership, strong communication and cultural changes in government, interest groups and the public as having contributed to the favorable outcome.

“Today the Brookings Institution proved what many of us have known for a long time: that legalizing and regulating marijuana and other drugs can be done thoughtfully and responsibly to the benefit of our communities,” said Major Neill Franklin (Ret.), executive director of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. “As legalization spreads across the country, regulatory models will only continue to improve, crime continue to drop, and public understanding of drug addiction as a public health problem, not as a matter for law enforcement, continue to expand.”   
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a group of law enforcement officials who, after fighting in the front lines of the war on drugs, now advocate for its end.

For interviews, please contact Darby Beck at (415.823.5496).


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  1. Why Cannabis is Illegal and Medical Marijuana Laws are Not real freedom

    1) Some people have very little knowledge of the plant and are therefore irrationally scared of it. Only about 15 - 30 % of people actually use cannabis so those who don't haven't cared about the rights of others enough to change these hypocritical unjust laws for DECADES ! And those hypocrites who oppose cannabis freedom do nothing to make the destructive hard drug alcohol illegal and neither prescription drugs and tobacco products.

    2) They like to lock people up and have an easy reason to do so scarrring people's records with misdemeanors and felonies trying to make life harder for people.

    3) Evil people don't want the masses to have the medical benefits of cannabis and its cannabinoids and to be healthy.

    4) Cannabis hemp provides an alternative via bio fuels, cannabis oils, and many other products therefore reducing the need for crude oil and creating competition to petroleum products.

    5) Prohibition produces an underground monopoly on cannabis providing higher prices, bigger profits, and fewer competition to the cartels that sell it.

    6) Prohibition provides big business for private prisons, lawyers, attorneys, police, judges, politicians, etc. Evil people enforcing evil unjust laws.

    7) Medical Marijuana Laws are Not real freedom. It is Fake Freedom and it creates another form of monopoly through money made on yearly doctor visit fees and cannabis card license renewals. They also limit who can sell it and where, sometimes making people travel long distances to purchase some grand cannabis bud. Also, making someone ask permission and pay money for a natural God-given right to grow and use Cannabis is wrong and unamerica. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and many others grew acres of cannabis. Would these people SWAT team their houses, harm their families, kill their dogs, and take them to prison today ?

    God has given us Every Plant bearing seed and Every Tree, he causeth the grass to grow for the cattle and the herb for the service of man.

    Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful. Forgive and you will be forgiven.

    It's time for people to stop being afraid of plants.

    Legalize Cannabis Freedom !


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