Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Alaska Follows Oregon's Footsteps to Become 3rd and 4th States to Legalize and Regulate Marijuana!

ANCHORAGE–Alaska passed Measure 2, an initiative to allow adults 21 and over to possess up to one ounce of marijuana and up to six plants by a slim margin early this morning. This measure will establish, license and regulate retail stores, cultivation facilities, product manufacturers and testing facilities so consumers will always know that what they're getting is safe, will allow police to focus on violent crime and will ensure that profits benefit the government, not drug cartels. Driving under the influence and public consumption will remain illegal and employers may restrict their employees’ use and localities can ban marijuana establishments though not private possession or cultivation.
The other measure to legalize, regulate and control marijuana on the ballot tonight, Measure 91 in Oregon, passed easily earlier tonight. This makes Oregon and Alaska the third and fourth states to legalize marijuana, after Colorado and Washington and caps off a wonderful night for drug policy reformists that included DC legalizing possession of marijuana and California defelonizing low-level nonviolent drug possession.
“This is a historic day for public safety and for civil rights,” said Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper (Ret.). “Clearly, the people demand change, and their leaders would be wise to follow.”
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition is a 501(c)3 nonprofit of cops, prosecutors, judges and other law enforcement officials who want to end the war on drugs.



  1. Okay... I'm Happy as a Pig in Shit about this... seriously! Four States have legalized cannabis for whatever use adults over 21 choose, that's great - BUT... why only on the freaking West Coast??? Meanwhile, the federal government strongly maintains that cannabis, aka, marihuana/marijuana is a Schedule One Drug, meaning it is so dangerous that to use it will in essence turn a person into a dead zombie, which zombies are - dead.

    This is LUDICROUS!!! I'm not a B&W type of thinker... there are grays and colors in life... but there are states still where one micro-gram of marijuana residue will get you a year in prison! Others, a small fine. Overall... let's say I live in New Hampshire, the "Live Free or Die" state. I have a child and I plan a family vacation to one of those four states. My child is a DARE graduate... and his question to me is - if marijuana is as "dangerous" as I was taught, shouldn't we bring a gun with us for protection?"

    I ask, "protection from what?"

    My child answers, "dope-heads, druggies, marijuana users, Mexican cartels, murderers, rapists all drugged out?"

    I answer, "Would four states have legalized recreational use of marijuana if it it was that dangerous? Besides, we can't bring a gun on a plane. You'll be fine. But don't get any ideas... our re-elected governor in NH, Maggie Hassan, believes the same fears you do. None of it is true, but the laws in NH don't reflect that truth. So consider this a trip to the 'free world', where people can truly live, the Live Free or Die way of life. Just remember, when we get back, it's back to pretending marijuana will turn you into a zombie. Now pipe down, 'the Walking Dead', is coming on in about 2 minutes".

    I can tell my child is confused. So am I, but I don't admit it. Instead, I go to the fridge and get a beer. My child doesn't even question me about it. Beer is legal in NH, yet beer kills more people than marijuana, which statistically has killed no one.

    Has the rate of death due to marijuana use in states that legalized marijuana a year ago gone up? Actually, from what I've researched, they've gone down.

    Moral... laws are not necessarily based on science and fact, but how politicians feel about something. NH Governor Maggie Hassan signed into law a bill legalizing medical marijuana for severe medical conditions... by the time the government actually provides access to state grown and distributed marijuana, most of those who need the plant will be dead. Apparently she doesn't care... that's their problem as they can't grow their own either. What's important to her is what message does it send to children?

    The message it sends is NH is ignorant. Just die...

  2. I agree with Bobkat. Why the long delay on medical cannabis? Mrs. Hassan is totally ignorant when it comes to cannabis and what the people want. Cannabis should be legal for recreation for those over 21 to use as they want, so long as it's hurting no one else. She is turning it into a children's issue. We need to elect people who are open minded and knowledgeable about the issues. She just isn't.


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