Monday, April 26, 2010

BBC News - Give heroin on the NHS, says nursing leader

BBC News - Give heroin on the NHS, says nursing leader
"Drug addicts should be prescribed heroin on the NHS, a nursing leader says.

Peter Carter, general secretary of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), said the move would drive down crime rates while helping people off the drug."

I can see a lot of value in prescribing heroin to addicts. I have no doubt that it would decrease crime and would even cut heroin use over time. But what about complete legalization? It seems to me that people ought to have the right to use any substance, subject to reasonable regulations to ensure purity and to prevent children from using. How do others feel about this? Should heroin be prescribed only to addicts, freely available, or something in between? Any of the above would be much better than the current failed policy of prohibition.


  1. The advantages of legalizing drugs of abuse are outweighed by disadvantage of sending a message to the children than drug use is OK, doncha know.

    The advantages of legalizing drugs of abuse are outweighed by the disadvantage of revenue losses to all those who make money from the drug wars. It's all about money and power.

    "Freely available" makes the most sense.

  2. I totally agree William. While publicly administered safe injection/heroin maintenance programs are very efficient uses of public money compared to law enforcement or imprisonment costs, and unquestionably lower crime and the spread of deadly disease, the fact is that many people are uncomfortable with the use of their tax dollars to support drug addiction. This is understandable; along with the right to put into our bodies what we choose, we must accept the responsibility for our actions and behavior resulting from those choices. We have no right to be "bailed out" by our fellow citizens; each of us should bear the consequences of our own actions.

    That is why ultimately a regulated market of legal sale is the best choice. It would have very similar effects on the crime and disease rates compared to maintenance programs, but would be based on the ideals of personal choice and personal responsibility, which are cornerstones of any truly free society.


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