Wednesday, April 21, 2010

True to their word...

In the state of Nuevo León cartel gunmen attacked 4 more police officers from the municipality of Cadereyta. Fortunately, all four were only wounded. rather than killed. The alliance of La Familia, the Sinaloa and the Gulf cartels have threatened to kill 25 police officers in the state of Nuevo León due to Alliance's belief that these officers are working with the Zetas (they have already killed at least 20).

Jalisco saw 5 more murders while Sinaloa had 4 and Tijuana 2 as did Tamaulipas. A body was discovered on the highway between Mexico City and Acapulco and there were 3 killed in Durango. Meanwhile 2 banditos in Acapulco sprayed gunfire at 3 people, killing 2 and wounding the third.

All in all 29 people were killed yesterday in narco related violence, which brings the yearly total to 3,141 (4,141) 

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