Sunday, April 11, 2010

Peter Christ: promoting drug policy reform for nearly two decades.

Buffalo News columnist Donn Esmonde notes that LEAP speaker Peter Christ has been promoting drug policy reform for nearly 20 years:
You would think he would be discouraged. I first talked to Peter Christ (rhymes with ‘wrist’) nearly 20 years ago. He is hardly any further along in the fight now than he was then. But there is no weariness in his words, no sag in his step. Keeping the faith is easier, I guess, when you believe that common sense is on your side and an ever-growing mountain of evidence argues in your favor.
Nice work, Peter.


  1. Mr. Christ may be buoyed by the fact that although he is hardly further along now than he was twenty years ago, the dialogue has advanced sufficiently that a tipping point is imaginable. And of course, the history of alcohol prohibition gives evidence his arguments will ultimately prevail. Thank you, Mr. Christ, for your efforts!

  2. Capt. Christ is a true hero. As are all the guys at LEAP.

    Its a long struggle - but we will win out in the end.


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