Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lake Havasu Police Value Maijuana at $1000 an Ounce

In a press release August 6th the Lake Havasu Police in Arizona valued 5.7 ounces of marijuana at $1000.00 an ounce, and 191 Ecstasy tablets at $4750.00 or $24.86 each. This over valuing of seized drugs has gone on for years, but Lake Havasu Police have gone above and beyond on these values. But like I've always said, the drug war is about statics and money.

August 6, 2010
Narcotic Detectives Arrest Four and Seize Narcotics
The Lake Havasu City Police Department’s Special Investigations Bureau detectives served a narcotic-related search warrant at a residence in the 800 block of Cactus Drive on August 6, 2010. During the search, detectives seized approximately 5.7 ounces of marijuana, 191 Ecstasy tablets, and psilocybin in various stages of cultivation. The marijuana has an approximate street value of $5,700 and the Ecstasy tablets have an approximate street value of $4,750.


  1. Hi Jay, this is very interesting. These values to seem high. I'm curious what you think (ball park figure) they should be for this area of Arizona?

  2. Arrgh, that should be "These values do seem high". I'm typing too fast...

  3. I wonder what their game is. My guess is they are trying to manipulate the market for some reason. Offhand I'd say they're trying to encourage dealers to charge far more than they're currently charging. However, I'd add that no matter what games they're playing, they will all backfire as long as they're in favor of prohibition.

    All they will be culpable of is pushing the naive to things like heroin and meth; the naive, having bought on to the lie that "marijuana is as dangerous or more so than heroin," may decided to take their dealer's advice that they "will get more high for the money" with those other drugs.

  4. David If it was Mexican marijuana it's only worth about $100 an ounce, if it's medical grade about $400 an ounce. When medical marijuana is worth $20 an ounce like it should, law enforcement won't be quick to spend thousands of dollars on an investigation, only to hold up a big bad of marijuana and say this is $100 of marijuana.

    Until marijuana is worth $20 an ounce, rather than $400 an ounce, drug dealers will control the marijuana market. Until marijuana is grown by farmers rather than drug dealers, this won't change.

  5. I have never seen Marijuana priced that high! It is usually between 150-400 per ounce depending on the quality and strain. Damn Pirates!! youtube/4409


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