Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Speaking out against drug legalization

Yes, you did read the title correctly. "Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization" is the title of a booklet published by the Drug Enforcement Administration in 2003. The 26 page booklet promotes ten facts that are relevant to the drug policy reform debate.

All of the facts support the status quo and oppose the regulation of drugs. Here is fact #1, for example:

"Fact 1: We have made significant progress in fighting drug use and drug trafficking in America. Now is not the time to abandon our efforts."

I haven't read the entire document yet, but I will over the next few weeks. I am going to examine each of the ten facts and publish an analysis here on the blog. Feel free to add your own thoughts and opinions as well.


  1. They made progress?!! Then, why is the addiction rate not decreasing and the number of arrests for drug "problems" going down in our country? Why is it easier for our kids to buy drugs, than it is for them to get cigarettes or booze? Why are drugs more available and more potent than they were when this unwinnable drug war started? Why is it that the dealers are still being allowed to sell drugs to our kids? I guess because dealers don't card and don't care! Theer claim of progress is nothing but hot air!

  2. Anonymous at 8:10 PM - You've made a number of great points. As promised, in the near future I'll be doing a series of posts that examines this DEA document further.

  3. "Fact 1: We have made significant progress..."

    Before I consider this first statement a "fact",I think I'm entitled to a qualitative definition of "progress", and a quantitative definition of "significant", along with some (raw and uncooked) figures to back up the assertion.

    Tne DEA and others are too fond of using exhortational language devoid of any statistical or evidence-based underpinnings. When they espouse, put into practice and apparently wish to maintain policies which alter and destroy lives, both of those they pursue and of bystanders, then much more precision, accuracy and accountability are warranted. In other words, 'Because we say so' won't do.


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