Friday, August 28, 2009

Stalin's 5 year plans

The older among you may remember the Soviet Union 5 year plans. What used to happen was the Governing body, would declare targets for agriculture, manufacturing, mineral and coal production etc. to be reached during the next 5 years. Invariably the Commisars from the different regions would boast about reaching and surpassing those targets in the regions under their jurisdictions. However the reality was far short, millions continued to starve, production usually fell and where it rose the products manufuctured were invariably seriously flawed and often useless. The boasting continued, till almost the fall of the Soviet era.
Almost every statement out of the DEA and other prohibition groups, reminds me of that era in the Soviet Union. Invariable also empty boasts were unstainable and contributed to the implosion of the whole system. I suspect we are close to the same situation with the war on drugs.


  1. There are a few issues/problems here:

    1) as any educator knows, setting high goals for one's students often results in them obtaining a much higher level of achievement than if one sets low goals for them.

    2) people love praise from other people and will do all sorts of wrong things to get it

    3) tactless people have no clue on how to say the glass is half full instead of half empty. So others do their best to fudge the facts to avoid being disparaged for not meeting the high goals set for them.

  2. I should also note that "world leaders" often act like a bunch of pompous bullies (well-dressed, and seemingly tactful), but each trying to promote their form of governance as God's gift to humanity, and the other forms as the Devil's destruction to ruin us all.

    So they wink and nod at all the game playing that supposedly makes their system look better. It's like they're stuck in a state of perpetual pre-teen and teen-aged ignorance which thinks their idols have no warts, or hair doesn't grow under their armpits, or if they eat garlic their breath still smells like roses, or …

    But like it says in Isaiah 30:13, like a tall wall, cracked and bulging, it will suddenly collapse! Kind of ironic about the Berlin Wall, and YES even WALL STREET! Hm… I guess God and the prophets actually knew what they were talking about! :-)

    But don't think we've seen the last of it. People in our country are still trying to fortify their walls.

  3. NewOldSalt - thanks for your comments. I know you often commented on the old blog and it's good to see that you've made the leap to the err, new LEAP blog.


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