Saturday, April 17, 2010

3050 (4050)

My numbers will try to reflect reality, if that is possible in any real sense, by adding 1000 to that provided by El Universal (this is my rough calculation of how many more deaths that the government figures displayed last week). This is an approximation but then again, we will never really know how many died because neither the government nor the media count those who "disappear" as part of the dead (regardless of the fact that they are never seen again).

39 people were killed yesterday for a total of 3050 (4050) for the year. This includes 9 police officers, including one who was the head of the police department in Hidalgo, Michoacán while another was a comandante for Jalisco. Two of the police officers where killed in their patrol car and had a note stating that they had been cooperating with the Zetas while the comandante was gunned down as he was leaving his house.

Six men were killed by a grenade attack in Valle de Allende, Chihuahua while in Durango a head was left in a beer-cooler, and another 8 bodies were discovered, all showing signs of being executed.

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