Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Another Prisoner Breakout

Once again there are reports of a group of prisoners in the the city of Tenancingo, Mexico State, escaping. The 8 prisoners were in jail for murder, robbery and other crimes related to organized crime when they destroyed a wall that seperated their cell from an adjacent hotel Monday afternoon and fled to freedom. 

The narco-aliance I mentioned in an earlier blog, between La familia, the Cartel Golfo and the Sinaloa cartel against the Zetas, has erected banners indicating that they are going to be murdering another 20 police officers who they think are working on behalf of the Zetas. Since February of this year they have already killed 25 police officers in the state of Nuevo León, whom they charge with working on behalf of the Zetas.

The killings continue, with another 22 added yesterday which now brings the total 3,112 (4,112).  

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