Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Week

Since the last time that I posted (a week ago), about the car bombing in Juárez and the issue of terrorism, a lot has happened.

In Juárez, another family gathering was interrupted by assassins  who gunned down 13 people on July 18 while the next day saw 17 more people killed at a gathering in Torreón, Coahuila. There was a narco-grave found with at least 50 bodies in Monterrey (one of Mexico's richest cities) yesterday, as well as 3 bombs detonated outside  the municipal president's office of Reynosa, Tamaulipas.

During the last week 23 police officers were assassinated, as well as an additional 237 people, bringing the total to 6520 for the year.

The news and opinion pieces in Mexico have been debating over the use of the word “terrorism” and whether or not it applies to this carnage that occurs daily here (while not offering anything constructive to actually address what is happening).

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings

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  1. The news and opinion pieces in Mexico have been debating over the use of the word “terrorism” and whether or not it applies…

    This reminds me of a made for TV movie back in the early 1980's. I think they called it "The Day After." Yes, link:

    I can't recall much of the movie, except one part has stuck in my mind, the housewife making up the beds, frantically, and through the windows we could see the bombs falling on the city in the distance. She just refuses to accept reality and clings to her daydreams that everything is ok.

    These days they call this "rearranging the deck chairs" on the Titanic, as it goes down. I haven't seen the movie, but understand the saying. I'm sure there's a Greek Tragedy/Comedy where this is spelled out as well, and perhaps something in Shakespeare.

    Meanwhile my Dad frantically works puzzles in puzzle-books, trying to stave off dementia instead of being allowed to eat a plant God put here on Earth for us. And Alzheimer's doctors have a nice conference in Hawaii, who knows what they were talking about; cynically I think it has to do with investments in Big Pharma and fancy pills people take which they then urinate out in to the water supply. Meanwhile prohibitionists confuse people into thinking that the rapidly broken down components of marijuana somehow present a danger.

    How are we not totally doomed?

    Especially since it's come to light we have a 4th branch of govt. outside all checks and balances?

    Including 32 govt. orgs and 36 companies that employ what seems to be at least 100,000 people, contracts out to thousands upon thousands of other companies, and robs the country of what appears to be at least $100 Billion, all for "Counter-drug operations."

    I don't know who Synteras LLC is, in Herndon, Virginia. But that town sure rings a bell. IP addresses resolve back to that town, IP addresses that hit CAP. Drink up guys! Read EVERY WORD I WROTE! Then you will have no excuse when it comes time for God to toss y'all on the trash pile.


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