Friday, July 2, 2010

Not a failed state?

In the last few months the rate of the "drug-related" killings has averaged more than 50 each day. This is double the amount of last year when the collective politicos of Mexico were outraged at some referring to Mexico as a failed state (which was not the case, the pundits were only observing that the path with which Mexico was taking seemed to be heading that way). Oddly enough, maybe through the pressure exerted by the Calderon government, all talk of a failed state is missing even though the government has lost control of even more territory, the killings have more than doubled their rate of intensity and now there is a regular drum beat of news about top state officials and politicians being attacked, kidnapped and/or killed in their own homes, in public streets and even in well-guarded convoys. At present, the narcos control vast tracts of the country, have out gunned, out-planned, and are dictating the strategy in this war on a hapless and helpless government. Impunity is rampant, corruption unassailed and incompetence and nepotism the order of the day.

And it is only getting worse...seems to be a recipe indeed for a failing state.

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings

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  1. Phew. You'd been posting so often, that after a week of no posts I began to worry!

    RE: Failed State… I still stand by my former comments.

    I am sorry the PBS News Hour is not giving you the respect you deserve!

  2. My work here in Mexico involves working with the police on police reform and lately I have been really busy but I will try to keep up. I appreciate your comments and support!

  3. You bet. While I joked that you would be in danger of carpal tunnel syndrome due to typing up all the deaths and violence in Mexico, the real worry was that you yourself would be targeted for removal.

    Right now I guess I'm just another legume in the gallery, but I am trying to take things to another level. Please don't wear yourself out (or endanger yourself on) my account.


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