Monday, April 18, 2011

Descending through Dante´s Circles

The level of brutality has now transcended a new low, two levels really. The first level: children, some less than a year old, are now being directly targeted by the narcos in their killing sprees. The latest news reports has assassins deliberately targeting babies and toddlers, as well as their parent(s), or in lieu of, if the parent(s) cannot be found ( From this same Washington Post article: “competing criminal groups appear to be killing children to terrorize the population or prove to rivals that their savagery is boundless”.

This “savagery is boundless” statement brings us to the other transcended level: rival gangs are now skinning their opponents alive (“desollado vivos”) before killing them and then posing the corpses in macabre, grotesque positions, a new trend to shock the public and to humiliate the victims, even in death. The first reported case was of two victims, their bodies discovered in Tepic, Nayarit and involved leaving their faces beside the skinned bodies ( and then, a week later another body in the same city of Tepic, found on a public overpass ( In both cases, evidence points to the victims being tortured first and then skinned alive with their corpses dressed in their clothes and displayed publicly (this is reminiscent of the face that was sewn to a soccer ball and left in a soccer field for all to see -- The narcos, in their bloodlust, if not going for quantity (see Tamaulipas for the 145 bodies discovered in mass graves-- are going for "quality" (desollado).

As a matter of record, the count of those killed in Calderón’s Drug War, as of April 15 is at 38,272 (

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings
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  1. And the Drug Warriors and Prohibitionists say, "Thank God we're not like those sinners." [Luke 18:11-14]

    "All we do is shoot them and their pets dead with bullets; it's a pretty quick death. Although it's pretty torturous to be locked up in prison for a few years, few decades, or even for the rest of their lives.

    "Ha, and what about the tens of thousands of people we've scared the crap out of because we crashed through their doors?! Especially when we had the wrong address! Saps.

    "But I have to admit that those cartels are our children, they wouldn't exist if it weren't for our self-righteous posturing and power to write hypocritical and evil laws, then tax the country to death to pay for destroying it. But that's what our father the devil demands of us. No cost is too great to destroy the U.S. and the rest of the planet. If that wimp Jesus was here again, we'd kill him too."

    Cartel torturers, DEA, Calderón, Obama, Kerlikowski, the Crude Fear Mirage Foundation, Bush, Clinton, FBI, CIA, and on and on, you're all going to the same place unless you repent.

    I wish the evildoers would spend just 1% of the resources investigating the truth in the Bible instead of spying on people who are trying to undo the mess they shove down our throats. But this just goes to show they are just like the self-righteous hypocrites Jesus so vocally condemned; they followed him around, spied on him to try to catch him doing something they could shame him with, tried to trick him in public, etc…


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