Thursday, April 28, 2011


Like an out of control forest-fire, the Mexican government seems only concerned with putting out those blazes that raise the most attention, willing to leave the rest of the forest to burn. For example, everyone seems to be aware of (and the government responding to) the 183 bodies found in San Fernando, Tamaulipas (“Bodies in mass graves now total 183, Mexican AG says” despite the rising body count from the narcofosas in the city of Durango, with the recent discovery of 7 more corpses, raising the total to 103 (“Suman 103 cuerpos exhumados en Durango” Even though the bodies keep piling up in this city, Durango is not the focus of the media nor of politicians, it seems to be just a footnote (could this be due to the fact that this is the rumored nexus of the Sinaloa cartel as well as the hideout of Joaquín, “El Chapo” Guzmán?). Some communities, however are not willing to settle for this, the lack the lack of security, and thus are forming vigilante groups to protect their homes, businesses and populace. This is not news, as I noted earlier in my blog (“Rising Costs” But what is new is that vigilantism is no longer a secret (or an open secret) as warnings are now displayed publicly on walls and buildings throughout cites such as those in Acolman, Mexico (“Se organizan vecinos en contra de la delincuencia: Pobladores alertan a los presuntos delincuentes que tomarán la justicia en sus manos” for miscreants to fear “the people’s justice”.  For the inhabitants of Acolman the debate over security and the “rule of law”, that is occurring in the Mexican senate (“Senado aprueba reforma política”, is just empty rhetoric, and instead they are acting on their own to protect themselves because they know that the government will not, and in many cases cannot, protect them.

For a long time criminals have known that the security forces of Mexico are impotent, but now so does everyone else, the only tangible result from President Calderón’s war on drugs.

For a map of the killings: click: Narco-killings
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  1. The title "Un-Security" made me think of the U.N. and their weapons of mass destruction, aka their "treaties" on drugs. Ironically there's a new post here showing more U.S. govt. hypocrisy with regard to the U.N.


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