Monday, October 12, 2009

Because Marijuana Is Illegal...

sometimes, dangerous people with guns sell marijuana to people who use it, sometimes in places where there are other people who don't want marijuana to be sold in front of them. Then, sometimes people use those guns to flex their control when they feel threatened.


  1. Wow, scary. I don't remember the last time I saw the Anheuser-Busch boys throw down with the Coors crew over some Denver turf. Surely it must happen, since alcohol is much more dangerous and addictive than marijuana. What? No?

    Oh right, alcohol is legal. We'd have to go back to alcohol prohibition to see this sort of violence erupt from its trade.

  2. This is so crazy for a plant so easy to grow. I mean we're not talking orchids here.

    Someone needs to do a video of this idea: Warm Fuzzy Kitten Violence! to parallel the insanity.

    Imagine that warm fuzzy kittens were illegal. The trade in them would skyrocket, prices would soar, gangs would claw each other over turf, etc… And the headlines would read: Kitten Violence!

  3. Other headlines:
    • Kittens Kill
    • Kittens Cause Death
    • Cats Kill in the Catskills
    • Fuzz Busts Fuzzy Kitten Dealers


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