Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Where is Bush Drug Czar John Walters?

After stepping down as President George W. Bush 's "drug czar," John P. Walters was hired as an executive vice president for the conservative Hudson Institute, a think tank. He came swinging right out of the gate, fighting back vigorously against legalization in the Wall Street Journal and other places, wherever duty called. He even debated LEAP's Terry Nelson on Al Jazeera TV:

Looking at Walters's bio on the Hudson site, though, there just aren't any signs he has been doing much of anything for the organization since April. What's Hudson paying the guy to do over there, anyway?

Perhaps, toward the end of 2008, Hudson thought it a brilliant notion to bring on Walters to spearhead prohibitionist drug policy thought leadership for the conservative apparatus.

But after witnessing the amazingly anti-prohibitionist shift that the public discourse on drug policy has taken throughout 2009, it seems that Hudson and the larger conservative establishment -- or anyone, for that matter -- just don't have all that much use for what John Walters has to say right about now.

To answer the question from above about John Walters's mysterious job description, perhaps at this point Hudson is merely paying the former "drug czar" to just keep his mouth shut for the time being.


  1. Same old mantra coming from Walters. As you eluded to in your article I believe he knows nothing, refuses to look at the devastating effects created by Prohibitionists, and above all else refuses to see the truth.
    Americans don't want to legalize drugs? Wrong!!!


  2. It's probably hard to come from a big gov position with a huge pr staff with cozy press relations and be able to push your msg through all press outlets without real opposition from media and be able to ignore the opposition. Now he's just another gov has been at a boring ass think tank and will questioned, prodded, and taunted by everyone. Probably a culture shock for him


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