Friday, January 22, 2010

Another politician who wants Mexico to legalize drugs

The mayor of San Pedro Garza García, in the state of Nuevo León, Mauricio Fernández Garza has repeated his call for the legalization of drugs as a way to combat the obscene profits enjoyed by the naro-traffickers and diminish the effects of organized crime that is tearing Mexico apart (which by the way has been denied by Mexico’s top cop Genero Garcia who sees his forces of good winning this “war”… he even has statistics to “prove it”…but that is another tale).

Fernández Garza spoke before the students of the University of Monterrey, arguing that prohibition of drugs does more harm than good, that they cannot be regulated and illegal drugs are sold to adults and children alike. He sees this as incongruous because if the reason is the mind altering and dangerous nature of drugs as the reason for their prohibition then there are solvents and other dangerous household chemicals readily available that should also be banned (this would, of course include glue and gasoline).

In other news, (good news this time) police officers in the city of Guamúchil, Sinaloa foiled a kidnapping attempt by four kidnappers, who, unfortunately all escaped. The police officers happened to be driving by when they spotted the four masked and armed men try to abduct a government official from his car.

On the other end of the spectrum, a group of heavily armed men attacked the police station in Mochicahui, shooting up the building and a parked patrol car but little else (a good news/bad news kind of report)

And what would this post be without the kill update. Yesterday was a little slow, on 12 narco-killings/torturings/mutilations this includes a police commander in Durango who was killed in a shoot out and one of his men was wounded. The total for 2010 is 553 which lowers the average to 26 per (still a scary number with more than 1 killing per hour).


  1. Great post, thanks Walter... I'm skiing at mt.Washington this weekend, won't be on the blog for a few days

  2. We are in desperate need of a police officer who qualifies as a Medical Marijuana patient and wants to use Medical Marijuana.
    This would blow the lid off ...

  3. Hey LEAP, just saw you mentioned on one of the MPP's newsfeeds.

    Since I can't post it here (copy/paste rules), I'll post the link to your Facebook profile.

  4. Keep up the good work LEAP - we shall overcome !!


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