Saturday, January 30, 2010

An update on me :-)

A couple of things have been holding me back from blogging lately. First, I've been sick for several weeks now with a nasty cough that seems to drain my energy. I finally went to the doctor today and he said it was nothing serious (which certainly didn't make me feel any better, although it's nice to know I don't have swine flu).

Second, and even more annoying, is that the mouse button on the touch pad of my laptop is jammed in the "on" position. You have no idea how frustrating this is... let's just say I'm ready to throw my laptop across the room. It's hard to focus on writing anything when the mouse is constantly selecting menus and windows that you don't actually want to select. I went to my local mac store, and the tech guy said the entire laptop case needed to be replaced and it would cost me a couple of hundred dollars. (I think they're trying to rip me off, as he also wanted to replace my hard drive as a "precaution.")

I'm going to the Olympics for the month of February and I won't have easy access to the Internet. I'm leaving my laptop at home but I'm bringing my Ipod Touch with me. If there's WiFi in the hotel then I will have some access to the net, although I imagine it would be difficult to blog via Ipod. When I come back from the Olympics I am looking forward to settling down for a bit as I have been traveling a lot lately. (I know, I know, it's a terrible problem to have. :-)

Fortunately, some of the other LEAP bloggers like William Cooke and Walter McKay have been posting here and on their own blogs. (For example, check out this remarkable post on McKay's blog. It really captures the tragedy of the drug war.)


  1. Just a short note to send you good health wishes. I hope you feel better soon !

  2. Well, I had a really good AE-1 program camera and got it wet. I was told it could not be fixed. "Buy a new one". After I let it dry out for a week, I took it apart. I found a small amount of rust on one of the connections and cleaned it off. The camera still works and that was 25 years ago!

    I recently had a problem on a remote control and after taking it apart, and cleaning off the sticky stuff that built up, it worked again!

    I have had sticking keys on my keyboard and it was due to dirt, also. Getting some of that cleaner that is safe for electronics, might help. If you are able to spray the sticking button, to saturation, then push it several times, it might come loose. Just suggestions that might work and save you a bundle. I would remove the battery, myself, to avoid any possibility of shorting anything and leave it in a warm spot, 24 hours for it to dry.

    Hope you get better from your cough. It might take a round of doxycycline or erythromycin to get rid of it. Many times, I found that people had signs of a pneumonitis from bugs we, doctors, don't consider much. Chlamydia has been found to cause a form of pneumonia.(there are many different types, one causes female infections and pink eye) I was treating similar respiratory symptoms six months before I read about it in a medical magazine. Turns out you get viral symptoms, but still actually have a bacterial infection that will respond to antibiotics that kill the "L-form" bacteria. Once the bacteria is gone, a steroid inhaler of some sort will rid you of the inflammation of the bronchial tubes, causing the cough.
    Only bad thing is, in this country, you have to have a prescription for antibiotics. If we were in Mexico, we could just go in the store and buy them!

    Sorry about the long post!


    Michael G Langley, MD

  3. Thanks Michael & Kosmos, much appreciated. I went for a run last night and that seems to have cleared up my chest a bit. Very interesting about the antiobiotics in Mexico!

  4. Going to Hawaii, riding on a plane, returning to cooler weather and then skiing at Mt. Washington could have contributed. That and we're dealing with some nasty and mad flu viruses.
    Always good to hear what you have to say Michael.


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