Thursday, September 30, 2010

Drug War Basic Disrespect for Law

Albert Einstein said, "The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced."

I can't prove the basic disrespect for law today is caused by our current drug policies, but I do know a lot more cops are getting in trouble today.

I think when young people live where many of the people around them are violating the law, committing drug felonies every day, the young people grow up with a basic disrespect for the law.

When these young people go into law enforcement, they seem to retain that same disrespect for law.

In Arizona the Peace Officer Standards and Training Board is responsible for the certification of police officers, and they can revoke that certification. It happens all too often today.

If you read the Drug War Chronicles Corrupt Cops section, you may like the Arizona POST Integrity Bulletin.


  1. I can't prove the basic disrespect for law today is caused by our current drug policies…
    To partly address this, please see my essay on "lawlessness." To summarize, think of things like Little Red Ridinghood. We have "too cold," "too hot," and "just right." Three main categories.

    To parallel that to my essay on lawlessness. I assert that "lawlessness" is NOT just a state of no laws, or inadequate laws.

    I think it's important to note that too many, too complex, and/or too strict laws also creates an environment of lawlessness. I think many people overlook this fact.

    The porridge that was "Just Right" is a system that makes sense, isn't overly simple, and isn't overly complex. Like a glove that fits.

    This has ramifications beyond drug policy reform. Who are some of the most hated institutions? And what are some of the most hated professions? Typically it's those with very long "agreements," one-sided contracts, complex "terms of service," etc… Many people hate banks and financial institutions since they seem to have little regard for the forests they destroy in order to create paperwork, inky monuments to complexity. Some people and corps. decry government's lack of transparency, burdensome regulations, and so forth. But some corps. are accused of working with govt. behind the scenes to create burdensome regulations to make it more difficult for others to enter a business, etc…

    Part of the anger against many individuals, including law enforcement officers, is they are the ones in-between. The clerk behind the window, the cop on the beat, didn't say "let's make things so complex and so strict that people fume or ignore all the rules."

    Harm Reduction and Drug Policy People are taking a stand against this lawlessness.

    I laugh (then get angry) at people I see on TV who badmouth drug policy reform efforts and recite, "thankfully we're a nation of laws." The blind leading the blind.

    Sorry to say, but I've heard a crushing number of testimonies from employees whose employers put them in impossible situations. (And that's in the U.S. I have a feeling it's far worse in overpopulated countries.)

    Although I read a few of the Board Decisions you linked to, and I was surprised. Some were hardly "impossible situations."

  2. Hey CAP!!

    I think it was Goldilocks!!! LOL


  3. Just making sure you were paying attention! ;-)


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