Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ch ch ch changes...

Some people may have noticed their comments have been disappearing. Don't worry - I'm not censoring posts! Blogger has a new anti-spam feature that seems to err on the side of caution. Behind the scenes there is a spam box where I can check the comments that have been flagged as spam. Once I select "not spam" for your comment, this is supposed to help Blogger learn that you are not a spammer.

So, don't worry, with my help Blogger will eventually figure out who is a genuine human being vs. a lowly robot spammer. For now, one of the best options may be to not include links in your comments and then try adding them back again in a few weeks.

On another note, this morning I was playing around with the Blogger template designer. I've tweaked the blog a little. More tweaks will follow!


  1. If anyone has thoughts on a good background colour or a good background picture for the blog, please let me know...

  2. Hm, I think background pictures can easily be counterproductive in that they can impede readability and or distract from the blogs content.
    All in all the new layout looks nice.
    But I think I remember something from one of my linguistics seminars about sans-serif fonts being best for presentations and serif fonts supporting readability in longer texts, so maybe the good ol' Times New Roman might work best for the more lengthy blog posts.
    But, bah. I'm in no way an expert. Better ask someone who knows their stuff in this regard.
    Best of luck tinkering.

  3. Softening the contrast between black text and white background would be good.

  4. JPJPR is right. Serif fonts for body text make it easier to read. Serifs are those little flairs, projections, at the ends of letters.

    I am not bothered by black text on white background, I find it easier to read. I've read more than a few complaints by folks, in, um, their bifocal years, who jump through hoops to read gray text on white backgrounds or other low contrast situations.

    People who are more tech savvy can create their own CSS and in the browsers' prefs just link to it. Also most browsers let people adjust the color settings of various features.

    I'm glad to know that our comments are there to be retrieved, like in the former post. It seemed to me that perhaps Google was just tossing them in the bit bucket. So I guess I'll just hang tight if my post goes awol in a few minutes after posting it.

  5. As far as the background goes, you could make it the same color as the YouTube channel. This would provide for consistency. Important when establishing a brand.

    Or you could make the twitter background the blogger background. They don't have to be perfectly identical, but I think most brand experts will tell you it's important to have a consistent look and color scheme.

    Just a thought.


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