Thursday, December 9, 2010

LEAP Brazil

One of LEAP's international projects is to set up branches in various countries around the world. Walter McKay is organizing a branch in Mexico. Myself and several other volunteers have been laying the groundwork for LEAP Canada.

Retired Judge and LEAP board member Maria Lucia Karam has been working on LEAP Brazil. The branch recently launched a new web site. This is a great site - congratulations to Maria and all the LEAP Brazil volunteers. I know many of the readers on this blog don't speak Portuguese. However, you can still check out the web site and admire how professional it looks. :-)



    Read it in English or choose another language to translate it to from this page.

    Note that only "real" text is translated, not text in graphics/images.


    Read it in English or choose another language.

  3. It certainly looks a little bit leaner, cleaner and more organized than the original LEAP homepage. Didn't you mention that an overhaul of the original page was in the works?
    Well, anyways ... congratulations! And if you ever need help setting up a LEAPGermany page let me know, I would be more than glad to help. (Although I guess I myself could mostly assist as spell checker.)

  4. Speaking of clean. I sure would like to see y'all buff up that badge! It looks like something uncovered during an archaeological dig.

    Please excuse another critical comment. I have heard people cheer for Ruby on Rails, but "off the shelf" CMSs have a lot of advantages. I happen to love Drupal.

    Actually, Drupal has some great built-in language capabilities. I think has a few languages available via it's site.

    Sorry if I sound too harsh.


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