Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Belated Repeal Day!

LEAP speaker Peter Moskos has a good post up on his blog about Prohibition Repeal Day.


  1. There is no question that the ending of Prohibition has made for a much better United States, but Repeal Day always reminds me that the US and Canada have liquor regulations more strict than some of the most brutal, dictatorial regimes in the world. Nanny never rests!

  2. dkillion, I did not know that. Names?

    I'm aware that Europe, in general, isn't as crazed and draconian as the U.S. and perhaps that is why, from what I've read, they have far less rates of alcoholism, and their teens know how to drink responsibly.

    I am convinced that two very big reasons for so many harms are:
    1. Some people just can't seem to leave their control-freak nature to affect only themselves.
    2. In their desires to control others physically, they see failure so they resort to terrorist claims of hair growing on palms, and so forth, which others, especially teens are more than ready to put to the test.

    And of course that leads to more failure, so then they take the law into their own hands and enact prohibitions.


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