Friday, September 11, 2009

Border Czar Says Legalizers Want Cartels to Win

U.S. "Border Czar" Alan Bersin says in this video on The New Republic's website that folks who advocate drug legalization want to "throw up [our] hands and give up" in the fight against drug abuse and "let [cartels]"

Good for TNR reporter Ben Eisler for actually following up -- unlike many other journalists we've seen -- and clarifying that that's not what anti-prohibitionists say we want to do at all.

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  1. That man is the classic example of a "low talking voice." He uses his calm monotone voice as a means to hypnotize others (and himself) in to thinking he's right.

    He compares reducing demand on cigarettes to reducing demand for illegal drugs; the main difference is the legality of those substances. "Demand reduction," he says, aka. forcing others to be exactly like him. Interpretation: ~ "If you don't like what I like, if you don't worship the way I worship, if you don't hate what I hate, then you are evil."

    He also says, "…accept a tremendous evil…" but he obviously can't bring himself to be like that blind woman holding the scales of justice. People of his ilk just can't seem to be able to objectively weigh the cost/benefits of what they do vs. the cost/benefits of ending prohibition. He just sees it in terms of his "morality."

    And I also take serious offense that all currently illegal drugs are evil. Then let it be that way for him!

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    Coming soon, perhaps today, an explanation of why foreigners are becoming so much more powerful than us, a statement from the Children of Cain who demand to be the Tail and not the Head.


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