Saturday, September 12, 2009

Throwing down the gauntlet!

Below is a challenge to the prohibitionists from Dean Becker. My challenge for you is to share Dean's post with any drug warriors you know who may be wiling to go on his radio show.

As a speaker for LEAP and as host of weekly radio shows broadcast on 68 affiliate stations in the US and Canada I have for years sought the input of public officials to the simple question: "Can you name the number one success of the drug war?"

There is not one person in public office willing to answer such a basic question. More than one hundred years after the passage of the Opium Exclusion Act, (the first federal anti-drug law); after the arrest of more than 37 million, non-violent drug users and after the expenditure of more than one trillion dollars trying to stop the flow of drugs there is not one cop, police chief, DEA agent, drug czar or elected official willing to spend 30 minutes on the airwaves, defending this policy.

Whether they acknowledge the facts or are even aware that their collusion or their silence in this regard, the "drug warriors" stand in support of ever escalating drug war and thus eternal support of Osama bin Laden, the barbarous cartels and the violent US gangs. Worldwide, criminals are able, because of drug warrior belief in prohibition, to profit enormously and eternally from the sale of weeds, flowers and their extracts.

When the death toll from Aspirin and Tylenol rivals that of all the "recreational" drugs including Heroin, cocaine and methamphetamine which are made by untrained chemists, brought north and then "cut" with various household products including Levamisole, a de-worming agent that can cause cancer and which has been found in significant amounts of cocaine seized by law enforcement, where is the logic to be found in support of continuing this policy? Before drug prohibition, Bayer Heroin sold next to Bayer Aspirin on the grocers shelf at the very same price. Then as now, Aspirin is as often a killer drug.

By what right, logic or scientific understanding do we allow this drug war to devour generations of our children's futures? That's the real question, where is the sense, where is the benefit, the rationale by which we allow this 100 year war to continue?

Drug czars come and go, police chiefs move from city to city and cops on the beat continue their eternal "slog" in waging the drug war but not one of them dares to visit my radio shows to defend the policy of everlasting, ever escalating drug war. Their beliefs are superstition and their faith comprised of air.

This post is another of my ongoing challenges to the drug czar, the DEA, the task force leaders, to judges, district attorney's and to cops on the beat, guards behind the walls and to criminal justice drug warriors everywhere to submit to an interview on the Drug Truth Network radio programs.

They often speak at treatment centers and junior high school classes but they have thus far refused to defend this policy over the airwaves. Surely they are not cowards or allies of the drug barons, perhaps they have other, unspoken reasons in fighting an eternal war against man's free will. If so, please contact Dean Becker, host of Century of Lies, Cultural Baggage and the 4:20 Drug War News:


  1. Throwing down the gauntlet, and rolling out the red carpet!

    Dean also offers a very generous award as an enticement for them to go on-air with him!

    And I bet Dean won't throw chairs, spit on them, shout, get up and walk out indignantly, etc…

    I bet Dean will find out what kind of coffee or bottled water, etc… the guest would like and have plenty of it on-hand.

  2. I noticed the $1000 award (to a charity of the guest's choice) on the front page of the Drug Truth Network web site. I assume the offer is still valid?

    I am tempted to reverse my stance on prohibition for one day, go on Dean's show, collect award and donate it to the the "Support Dave" charity... :-)

  3. This is a great challenge; please let us know on this blog if anybody actually steps up and has the courage to answer a few simple questions.

    I'm not holding my breath...


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