Saturday, September 5, 2009

A barrier to recovery

On Wednesday night, Mexico's drug prohibition war spilled into a treatment clinic in Ciudad Juarez. From the article:

"The deed was stomach-turning: Hooded gunmen burst into a Ciudad Juarez drug treatment center, gathered together those inside and lined them up before opening fire with semiautomatic weapons. When the shooting was over, 18 people were dead."

Apparently these clinics have become recruiting centres for organized crime groups:

"Drug-treatment centres in Mexico draw some clients from street gangs that serve as foot soldiers for drug cartels. Gangs often use the facilities as recruiting grounds, creating potential targets for enemies."

The Yahoo! article states this is the third attack on an addiction clinic in Ciudad Juarez.

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  1. This is both sad and strange. But I'm going to guess you are no stranger that many supposedly respectable people in the U.S. (and elsewhere) think this is how addicts/dealers/etc… should be treated anyway, just mow them down. :-(

    I often notice stories first via the AP and Yahoo, but the big bummer is they are only there for a short time, then the links break. So I usually wait until another outlet, like CNN, reports it; CNN's links, some of which I point to are years old, still work.

    They have you typing up a storm David! :-)


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