Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Late last year, Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert, wrote a blog entry in which he mentioned drug prohibition. Right at the end of the post he mentioned the need to legalize drugs due to the financial costs of enforcing drug laws:

"Likewise, the future includes legalized (de facto or literally) drugs and prostitution, out of budget necessity. There simply won't be enough tax money to chase that sort of perp. And say goodbye to speed limits in all but the most dangerous roads."

If you've never read Adam's blog yet, check it out. It's always thought provoking, that's for sure.


  1. Adams is likely correct, but not just for budgetary reasons. Just as the Soviet Union collapsed when a generation grew up who had seen nothing but the failure of communism, so will the WOD collapse as more former and current drug users become elected and the stigma is erased.

  2. Davek, this is only partly correct. I know people over "there" (trying to protect innocent) and many of them, not just the older crowd, are pining somewhat for the old days. (But as Carly Simon sang, every generation faces that.)

    Also, some of the former drug users have become radicalized converts to prohibition, especially some of the "religious" people.

    Since they used to get high/wasted/etc… for partying purposes only (and usually in tandem with alcohol), they've come to associate any and all drug use with escapism, laziness, foggy minds, hedonism, etc… Those are the kind of people who flip-flop from one extreme to another, however a common thread seems to be forcing others to join in and be like them. And in many/most/all cases they still haven't turned their minds on to engage in serious thought.

    I'm not sure where Adam's gets the notion of removing speed limits. Currently towns around the country are busy installing idols by the side of the road that mechanically monitor and ticket drivers. Although perhaps at some point cities and towns will no longer be able to afford to replace them after constant vandalism to them.


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