Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Akmal Shaikh, R.I.P.

Akmal Shaikh was hardly an international drug kingpin. He was a 53 year old troubled and delusional man who was likely tricked into smuggling heroin into China. He was arrested, given a 30 minute trial, and sentenced to death.

Despite pleas from the United Kingdom and the European Union he was executed yesterday. (The United States government failed to object. In fact, the DEA is quite happy with the work that China is doing.)

Regardless of what one thinks of the drug war, Shaikh didn't deserve to be executed. It is a shame that there was no outrage expressed by public officials in the United States.
He was just a troubled man who got caught up in the vicious worldwide war on drugs.
He even had (delusional) hopes of being a pop star. Below is his music video:

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