Monday, December 14, 2009

LEAP mentioned on CNN

Thanks to our friend Brian O'Dea, LEAP got a big mention on CNN last week. Check out the embedded video here and the transcript below:

PHILLIPS: In the 1980s, my next guest ran a narco empire that took in $100 million a year. That was one heart attack and a ten-year prison term ago. Today Brian O'Dea is legit: a film and TV producer and author of a book titled "High Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler." He joins me live from Toronto.

So, Brian, what is it that we are not doing?

BRIAN O'DEA, FORMER DRUG SMUGGLER: We're not legalizing drugs. And, therefore, we're not taking care of the problem.

Look, I wrote an op-ed a couple of years ago that I went to the Toronto Research Library, and I took headlines from the papers in 1922 and '23, and I put it together. And I removed one word and substituted another word. I took out the word "booze" or "alcohol" and substituted it with "drugs," and it read exactly like what I just heard running on CNN. It sounded like and read like it took place yesterday. It took place in 1920, 1922.

There's a group called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, made up of thousands of former police officers, current police officers, judges, lawyers. They say alcohol prohibition, drug prohibition, same problem, same solution.
Thanks, Brian!


  1. My friend just asked about rising drug use and abuse... I'm pointing him toward this interview.

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  3. Very cool.

    But you know what the prohibs are thinking, "of course a drug smuggler (former or not, ha) wants drugs to be legal."

    Although it's hard to tell exactly what his current situation is with out reading the book I guess.


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