Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spreading LEAP's Message in 2010

The following post was written by LEAP speaker Alison Myrden.

Well here it is December already. Where has the Year gone?

I feel I let LEAP down for not writing a blog for a while, but my health just wouldn’t cooperate until now.

So here goes…

In Canada not much has changed this past year. We are still dealing with a Conservative minority government who believe the war on drugs is more relating to the need for more law enforcement officers and correctional facilities. This only encourages the up and coming drug war prisoners to continue what they are doing illegally and it is those people who will be ensuring us that this war continues. After all we all know, it is the value of the illegal drugs that create the criminals.

In saying so, some interesting information has come to light about the need to legalize and regulate all drugs this past year. The American Medical Association called for the reclassification of cannabis across the United States in November 2009.

And more recently in the UK, Professor David Nutt spoke out about the need to re-classify ALL drugs sparking controversy when he said Ecstasy and LSD were less harmful than alcohol and cigarettes, and criticised the Government's decision to upgrade cannabis to class B

Seems like people are finally starting to understand the absolute NEED to at LEAST reclassify drugs if not as LEAP states to “legalize and regulate ALL drugs” in order to keep them away from the streets and out of the hands of our children.

I’m seriously hoping that in 2010, the leaders of our collective countries take a more serious, scientific view of drugs. Scientists are the people who investigate these substances and analyse them for efficacy and safety… Why not give them some credit?

Here is hoping that 2010 will be your most spectacular year yet and that the interest and the investigations continue all over the world regarding this highly controversial issue of legalizing and regulating ALL drugs.

Happy Holidays to everyone and have a super New Year!

I’m baaack….

Love and a Squish,


  1. Hi Alison, hope you are able to stay healthy.

  2. Agreed. As more and more people are educated about the truth and impacted with family members or themselves jailed for victimless or harmless crimes, the tide is turning.

  3. Thanx so much for your sweet words Lea and Hopeful.. ;)

    You are right.

    The tide IS turning.... :D

    Love and stuff,


  4. Scientists are the people who investigate these substances and analyse them for efficacy and safety… Why not give them some credit?

    So true. But the main issue, as I've heard it from the prohibitionists, is they seem to think they are the only ones who are steeled enough against the temptation to rush out and gorge on every drug available. That everyone but them is just an idiotic druggie-in-waiting, just chomping at the bit to indulge in every drug as much as possible.

    The main reason I've heard, here and at the LEAP forums is that a former heroin addict writes (something like), "once I tried it, that's all I wanted to do." So he (sure sounds like a he in the writing style) seems to think that everyone will be like him and suffer a heroin addiction.

    But I've also read comments, and heard from a friend who went to Vietnam, that they tried heroin and stopped, they did not become addicted. I've read people who have tried it and hated it. My friend just up and stopped because it was a condition of coming back to the USA. And this was also pointed out on one of Dean's Drug Truth shows, that many in the military were faced with "stop it and be considered for being sent home, or keep using it and stay here."

    So to me at least, there is some issue there the scientists could learn from, why do some people become addicted to it and others not? Sounds more biological than anything else to me. And I'm sure, given the numbers of users we have today, there are plenty of people in both categories who could be studied; it's not like we need to offer heroin to people to find out which kind they are so we can study them, they are out there now.

    With regard to other drugs like mushrooms, peyote, and other psychedelics/entheogens, there appears to be minute amounts of research taking place, but I wish there was more. It is so unfair (unrighteous, evil, take you pick of words) that other humans on this planet have gone beyond self-righteous snobbery towards those who wish to use these substances, and left the straight and narrow into the realm of corrupting our laws and forcing people in to prison because of it; it is completely against the Laws of the Universe. Science and God will prove me right in this.

    Alison, I hope you feel better and have a great Holy Day(s) of your choice, New Year, and 2010!


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