Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Do we need a War Against Obesity too?

Obesity more deadly than previously thought - Telegraph: "A study of one million father and son pairs found that being overweight may increase the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease by 82 per cent."

Perhaps we should have a war against obesity as well. We have to protect the children. We have to protect public health. Law of unintended consequences be damned.
The cases would be very easy to prove in court.

Prosecutor: "Will the defendant please rise and face the jury?"

Defendant rises.

Prosecutor: "Case closed."

Of course I am joking, but maybe I shouldn't. It might give the drug warriors an idea.


  1. "Sir, I pulled you over for speeding, any idea how fast you were going? Wait, wait a second, you're over weight and I smell fast food. Sir please step out of the car, I now have probable cause to search your vehicle."

    "Whats this? Is that a cheeseburger? Sure enough, spread em!"

    1. sir ,i pulled you over to show you how nimble my cop body is...( at this point a truck drives by and the cop jumps over the car in order to not get crush by the car and truck)

  2. Enjoyed the humor William! Although we open a can of worms when we discuss obesity. Can you see it now? Lawsuits over the companies that manufactured the fattening foods, and then there's Monsanto, Bayer AG, ....... .
    Actually after Prohibition is successfully beaten down I'm hoping LEAP will jump on legalizing Prostitution. That's another travesty and needless law.

  3. A study of 100% of humans found that being alive was a precursor to death!
    Wow, imagine all the "paraphernalia" that would yield searches!
    People wearing loafers and shoes without laces are profiled as potentially being too fat to be able to tie laces.

    Then of course, part of being pulled aside by the cops to check for "fat or fit?" are all the tests: jumping jacks, saying "I hate sugar" backwards and forwards quickly, push ups, other activities surreptitiously designed to get them in shape, cops taking blood pressure "your heart rate is going way up. Are you nervous or just overworking your poor heart?"

    And if they barf during those road-side and side-walk tests, they can be charged with bulimia nervosa.

    There's also a high probability of strip searches going way up, however, it will be only for "marginal" cases where there are serious questions.

    For about 25 years now I've been an advocate (as the situation arises) of only eating whole grains and avoiding refined sugar (sucrose). I do my best to follow my own advice, and I can point people at the book "Sugar Blues," but it is totally foreign (and un-Christian, in my opinion) for me to force my ways, my beliefs on others. I continue to be appalled that others think they are our over-lords and crush us with evil laws. They will be very sorry, I am sure, they took away our freewill which God gave us, the suffering they impose on others. And they will be even sorrier over the ramifications of being "repaid" as they have treated others.

  4. Spot on ChristiansAgainstProhibition!
    "And they will be even sorrier over the ramifactaions of being repaid as they have treated others"
    What goes around comes around. Eventually ... .

  5. Well, if I remember correctly drinking water can be hazardous to your health, provided you guzzle down a whole lot too much of it.
    Or why not put a nice ban on, lets say, razor blades? Save some poor conflicted cutters and maybe some suicidal people from harm. Oh, wait. I guess all sharp objects could be potentially dangerous or even deadly if not applied with care or the wrong intentions. And sleeping pills, rope, drain cleaner, bridges and high buildings for that matter.
    How about mandatory portable padded cells for everyone. Lets all roll around "Boy in the Bubble"-style. Or lets just conform a bit more to contemporary custom in China, Japan, or Eastern Asia in general, where a lot of people in the big cities run around with those little breathing masks for fear of airborne diseases or maybe bad breath.
    Hey, "a lot" can always kill a guy (/girl, if we want to be pc about it).
    Or what about those pesky lightning strikes that kill, what? 10 people all over the world every year? What about introducing some kind of related safety-curfew for that? Or a Faraday cage extension to our safety bubble!
    And so on...


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