Thursday, February 4, 2010

74 year old woman arrested for 29 year old pot charge

Another bizarre drug war story. (If you read the story you'll see that she was first arrested on April 1st... 1980.)


  1. There ought to be a system in place in every prosecutor's office to dispose of old cases, especially if they involve drug offenses.
    I've seen prosecutors dismiss more serious cases that were not as old in Maryland. It should be done more often. Old FTAs (fail to appears) need to be reviewed.
    If not, then it is really pointless and dangerous.
    How could they even prove this case? Is the arresting officer still alive and well? What about the chemist? What about anyone else in the chain of custody? And what sort of sentence would she likely receive - a small fine?
    Whenever an officer has to make an arrest he is put at greater risk. What if the woman pulled out a knife? What if the officer felt that she was resisting and she got hurt? What if she had a medical condition and died while in custody awaiting disposal of this case?
    I don't blame the officer in this situation for making an arrest on a valid warrant. I blame the local prosecutor for not disposing of this case years ago.

  2. This is patently absurd! Apparently this is such a heinous crime that there is no statute of limitations?!

    Oh the woes these people are storing up for themselves!


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