Sunday, February 21, 2010

Supporter of Drug Legalization wins CPAC straw poll

At CPAC, an annual gathering of American conservatives in Washington, D.C., Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul won a straw poll as their top choice to run for President in 2012. This is significant for drug reformers as the Texas Congressman has campaigned for years against the drug war.

Paul did not shy away from this issue during his speech to CPAC as witnessed by the first 30 seconds or so of this clip.

LEAP, of course, is non-partisan, but it is encouraging to see that someone who advocates for ending the drug war can find significant support in the conservative movement.

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  1. Which way will the Republican party sway? Seems to me that Ron Paul is more Republican and Conservative than the overwhelming majority of people who go by those names. (Or at least the loudmouths I've heard.)

    My view is the Republican party is far-too influence by religion, or at least people who claim to be religious. AND that those "religious" counselors are giving advice that makes God mad!

    Seemed to me, at least as I grew up, that Republicans prided themselves on 1) small govt. 2) leaving people alone unless they were causing problems to others, etc… But what has happened under many Repub. presidents, especially the last one? Govt. spending, size, and WASTE has metastasized. God-given and constitutionally protected rights have atrophied.

    Factions within the Republican party have striven to become everyone's "morality police" and instead of following Jesus' advice for such matters, they spit on Jesus and take the law into their own hands, making outrageous laws. Forcing their decisions of a personal nature on to others!

    Aren't these people going to be so surprised when Jesus tells them "away from me you evil doers!" [Matthew 7:13-23]


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