Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ispokeup.com is a great new web site launched recently by some friends of mine. It is a micro-blogging service focused on sharing what you did today to create social change. From their FAQ:
If a wall must be hit with a hammer 1000 times before it is knocked down, which hit knocks down the wall?"

ISU's philosophy is that lasting change happens not through politics or guns or force but through the spreading of ideas through thousands of conversations.

Conversations expose people to new ideas and concepts, turn perceived minority opinions into majority ones and empower others to speak up about what is important to them.

Basically, iSpokeUp.com is here to empower you to make lasting change about those issues that are important to you through speaking up, one conversation at a time. Here you can see what others are up to, converse on best approaches for your favorite topics, gather the courage to speak up about what's important to you and post about it to inspire others and amplify your voice.
You can write about anything - medical marijuana, LEAP, safe injection sites, etc. You can create an account or submit anonymous comments - it only takes a minute or two to try it out.

[Note: this post written in advance.]

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the tip! I visited the site and spoke up. It's great to have another forum for exchanging ideas.


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